Are you staring at your budget and thinking, “Why would I spend money on a wedding planner when I, my friend, my mom, or my aunt can do that?”A wedding planner does not simply tell the caterer where to set up. There are so many moving parts to planning a wedding, and a professional wedding planner attends to so many details that the bride and groom often aren’t even aware need addressing. Your planner can save you time, money and headaches when seeking the perfect vendor for your budget and

style. It’s also the case that your vendors love to hear from couples that THEY HAVE A PROFESSIONAL WEDDING PLANNER! They then know that they can move even more efficiently with their job because there is a point person they can turn to before and during the wedding and sometime after the wedding.

A professional planner understands many of the legal and logistical aspects of complicated installations of staging, rigging, lighting, bands, etc., that can sometimes arise depending on certain venues or city ordinances. A professional planner will always have a backup simply because our thought process is always being prepared for the unexpected and having a plan to address any unforeseen situations with quick thinking and response. True professionals in the business of planning weddings have resources at their disposal to help handle any and all sorts of issues. We coordinate all the vendors and confirm that your order is communicated and executed to the letter. We understand the verbiage in the many different contracts and help you navigate these contracts to ensure you are truly getting what you pay for and not being taken advantage of. We help you translate your vision and stay on budget. We guide you through the understanding of wedding protocols and procedures. We create detailed timelines to make sure everything runs smoothly the day of the wedding. We are creative and sometimes even crafty. We are usually the first to arrive and the last to leave on your wedding day. We work tirelessly to make sure you, your partner, family, and friends have the most enjoyable day of your lives.

Your wedding planner will listen to your dreams for your big day and will execute that plan professionally and to the letter. Once your planner has gained your confidence, trust, and respect as a professional, you can just relax. You are in good hands. You can focus on the things you most want to do and leave the details to your professional.

Consider this: If you bought a new BMW and it needed repair, you most likely would not let just anyone work on your new BMW. You would seek out a professional who is knowledgeable about cars and more specifically about BMWs. Well, why risk putting your cherished wedding memories in the hands of a non-professional when you could seek out someone who is trained with years of experience to make sure you have the wedding you have always wished for.

The question may remain, “Why spend the money?” If experiencing doubts that it will be easier to simply do it yourself than hire a professional planner, read testimonials of the planner you are considering. See what others have to say. Our clients have commented that we are not just another expense but instead the best decision they could have made for their wedding. Ask questions, seek references, pay attention to how well the planner pays attention to you and if he or she is listening to you.

When hiring a wedding planner, remember: It’s the biggest day of your life you are celebrating, a joining of your love, and you are creating great memories at your wedding. Get to know your planner, and they will get to know you. Chemistry, trust ,and professional respect is extremely important because if you understand the planner and they understand you, then your planner “gets you.” Your wedding planner will be a great asset to materialize your dreams and make your wedding day dream a reality.  You are not just investing in a professional wedding planner’s for our time, but also our experience, resources, knowledge, professionalism and creativity

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