Every wedding presents its own, unique elements of décor! By personalizing your big day, you have the opportunity to make it your own. Therefore, when choosing details to comprise it, you will certainly want to ensure that they are creative.

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However, there is one element that can add a dash of pizzazz to your big day, and that would be your card holder! Are you aware of the many unique options that you could choose for yours?

We love when couples evoke creativity throughout their wedding! That’s why, here at Weddings by Gail, we have gathered some unique card holders that you could choose to present at your own wedding. Are you ready to gain some great inspiration? If so, read on so that you can:

  • An Elegant Birdcage. You can add some vintage flair to your big day by choosing to present a birdcage for guests to place your cards within. This elegant idea is sure to add some flair to your décor. From vintage beauties to more modern presentations, you will be able to discover the perfect birdcage to complement your wedding theme and color scheme.

  • A Vintage Suitcase. If you are hosting a vintage wedding, you can complement your theme with an old-time suitcase to hold your cards. This is an especially ideal choice for the couple who loves to travel! Suitcases or other elements of luggage can be found in an array of different sizes and colors, to add some diversity to your big day’s presentation.

  • A Modern Mailbox. What could be more fun than placing your wedding cards within a mailbox? This is certainly a suitable option! Guests will enjoy popping open your mailbox and sending their card away. This is an ideal choice for a modern-themed wedding.

With a creative card holder, you can add some fun and creativity to your nuptials! These are just a few of the many options that you could choose to present at your own wedding.

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Are you ready to design your big day, card holder and all, with a wedding planner in Edmond, Oklahoma? If so, please contact us here at Weddings by Gail. We would be pleased to create your dream wedding as your Oklahoma City wedding planner.