The classic wedding cake décor options have been presented so many times before, such as the lace, pearls, and fondant flowers. It can be difficult to feel as though your wedding cake is truly yours when it resembles so many others. Instead of settling for these traditional options, you can choose a fresh decorative element, flowers!

Ideas for Creating a Glamorous Wedding

We believe that your wedding cake should make an impressive statement! That’s why, here at Weddings by Gail, we have gathered some ways in which you can present fresh flowers among your own wedding cake. If you are ready to discover some great inspiration, be sure to continue reading:

  • Around the Bases. Each layer of your wedding cake will have a base. You present a powerful appearance by lining your blooms around the bottom base of each. Small to medium-sized flowers would work best, such as roses, for a lovely addition of style.

  • Between the Tiers. You can bring a distinct look to each tier when they are separated by flowers. You can coordinate your floral levels with your wedding colors, to complement your wedding theme and color scheme. Abundant blooms would be most ideal for this presentation, such as hydrangeas or peonies.

  • Right on Top. Traditional bride and groom toppers are a thing of the past! Couples are now discovering new and creative ways to top their cake. You can lead the way with a stunning cake topper comprised of lovely flowers. You can make quite the impression with a bold bloom, such as a tiger lily, for a one of a kind appearance.

Unique Inspiration for Your Bridal Bouquet

With the right elements of décor, you wedding cake is sure to shine! These are just of few of the many floral displays that would certainly be a wonderful addition to your own wedding cake. Here at Weddings by Gail, as a wedding planner in Edmond, Oklahoma, we would be grateful with the opportunity to plan your nuptials. Please feel free to get in touch with us today to book your Oklahoma City wedding planner.

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