1. Consider getting a planner you can trust-Often couples ask a family member to help plan their wedding. This can sometimes damage your relationship with a family member, and it can also make that family member more stressed about the wedding instead of enjoying the wedding day of a loved one.

  2. Choose a date- Choosing a date may be hard considering you’re trying to merge a hundred different people’s schedules. But the important thing is you and your future spouse. Choose a date that works for you, that means something special to you, and that date will likely be best for everyone.

  3. Decide upon a budget- It is always helpful to determine a budget so you can begin making decisions that are based upon something other than possibilities. If you decide what you want the most for your wedding, you are able to make budget changes to cater to that. For instance, if you love music, you may decide that your main form of entertainment will be music. You then might  will allow more money in the budget for a live band or DJ. A budget also helps determine your venue.

  4. Determine the size of your wedding- If you have a base number of guests, that will help quite a bit in deciding who is coming and who is not. This is also helpful in finding a venue that will hold everyone comfortably.

  5. Start looking for a venue that fits your needs for guest count, style, location and budget – Popular venues tend to get booked rather quickly, so the earlier the better.  If your date is flexible, consider a day other than a Friday or Saturday.  These days tend to be more expensive packages at most venues.

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