Unless you have recently won the lottery, you and your partner are on a strict spending limit for your wedding day! This financial limit will help create your wedding budget, which will determine some very important details of your big day. It will also help keep you on track for planning a wedding that doesn’t leave you and your partner in debt as you begin your marriage.How to Plan an Eco-Friendly WeddingPlanning a wedding budget doesn’t have to be  difficult! Have you started creating yours


Here at Weddings by Gail, we have gathered the top five tips for creating your wedding budget. If you want to ensure that your wedding is everything you hoped it would be, be sure to continue reading.

Your Bank Accounts. Keeping your wedding budget separate from your everyday spending is a must! You can create a separate bank account for your wedding funds. Not only will it preserve your wedding funds, but it will help you keep track of all of your purchases.
Let’s Be Realistic. Before you can think about anything, you must take a realistic look at your finances. Be honest about what you can afford. You do deserve a beautiful wedding, but you also deserve a debt and stress-free start to your marriage.
The Urge to Splurge. Your entire wedding day is a treat. It’s crucial that you resist the urge to splurge. You wouldn’t want to sacrifice funds for a crucial detail because you had the impulse to splurge on unneeded details.
Very Important Details. As you begin setting amounts aside for specifics, you will need to determine what details are the most important. These details will need to be allotted the necessary budget to make it possible. For example, your wedding venue is a crucial part to hosting your wedding and should have plenty of funds available.
Contributions. Believe it or not, you aren’t the only one who wants to make your wedding day special. Your parents are certainly looking forward to making this day special for you, and there may even be loved ones who want to help. Find out who will be contributing.
Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Color Palette

These top tips will help you create a wedding budget that works best for your personal needs. After all, being fiscally responsible is of importance. Here at Weddings by Gail, as a wedding planner in Oklahoma City, we can help you bring your wedding to life. Contact us today to book your Edmond, Oklahoma wedding planner.

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