If you are a bride planning your own wedding you may be under some crazy stress or maybe you’re extremely excited because you are a crafty soul or just maybe you are an organized person who has been planning for this day since you were ten years old. Either way you will likely be wondering if a wedding is right for you or if elopement would be a more peaceful way of legalizing your union with the person of your dreams. No fear we have for your wedding planning journey tips for staying on the path of a wedding that can be pulled off beautifully.

  1. Stay organize- this may seem obvious but if you have a file that has the names and numbers of all your vendors and a calendar that has a to-do list day-by-day for you to complete, you will thank yourself later. Don’t depend upon your phone to keep you on time. If you keep a written record of what you are supposed to complete and contact information of important contacts you will be much better off.

  2. Remember to enjoy this time of your life- The engagement period isn’t something a person goes through too often in a lifetime enjoy it while it lasts. It’s a time to get to know your future spouse even better and a time of transitioning from a single individual to a family. Cherish every moment.

  3. Don’t procrastinate- procrastination is the enemy of completion. When you complete a task like finding a venue or finding that perfect dress you will feel a weight lift off your shoulders. When you take that weight off your shoulders, progress is made to ending wedding planning stress and toward your dream day.

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