Oklahoma Military Wedding Ideas

With all the pomp and circumstance there’s nothing quite like a military wedding; especially an Oklahoma military wedding! Saying ‘I do’ to a service member (or being one yourself) is an exceptionally beautiful event. Unlike many relationships, it’s nearly guaranteed you’ll spend months apart. Plus, not knowing whether your partner will make it home safe and sound is tough. The commitment of marriage when one (or both) of you are putting your life on the line is incredibly inspiring. The depth of that love deserves a stunning wedding. That’s why we’ve rounded up some Oklahoma military wedding ideas so you can proudly display your patriotic love with a unique and gorgeous wedding.

Oklahoma has 6 military bases throughout the state. Fort Sill, a major Army training installation in Lawton is located on over 94,000 acres of land. Tinker, Altus, and Vance are Air Force Bases with thousands of daily personnel. Oklahoma City is also home to The Container Inspection Training Unit and The United States Coast Guard Institute. With tens of thousands of people in the service in Oklahoma military weddings are popular. But, how do you honor the military and still design a fabulous wedding that’s all your own?

Find An Experienced Wedding Planner Who Understands Military Traditions

Don’t skip this! One of the most common regrets couples report is not hiring a wedding planner (or one with enough experience). Balancing your personal love story with strong and deeply-rooted military traditions is difficult. It’s easy to be swayed with venues, activities, and vendors that reflect the service more than your personal style.

At Weddings By Gail, we have over 10 years of experience creating chic and elegant weddings that are uniquely tailored to you. We work closely with you to create the dream wedding you’ve always wanted. We’ve built strong relationships with vendors and venues that understand the delicate mix of military traditions and personalization, so you’re thrilled with a wedding that completely encapsulates your story.

A good wedding planner can help you plan the military traditions that speak to your heart without sacrificing bespoke elements that set you apart from every other military wedding.

Take The First Steps Of Your New Life Marching To A Military Beat

With a military wedding, it’s customary for the newly wedded couple to exit the Chapel under a majestic archway of sabers, swords, or rifles. This is one of the most recognizable American military traditions in the world. Commissioned officers will hold up sabers, and non-commissioned officers will create the arch with rifles. You’ll enter the archway lined by honor guards holding their ceremonial weapons and walk towards your new life together.

Feel free to add your own twist to the end of this custom. In some places, it’s customary for the last two guards to stop the couple with a swat on the butt and well-wishes, but you’re not bound to this part of the tradition. You can ask your fiance to sweep you off your feet and carry you. You can have civilian family and friends create their own archway made of giant bouquets once you’ve traveled the ceremonial one. It’s entirely up to you.

If you’re concerned about personalizing this, discuss it with your Wedding Planner or contact the Base Chaplain for guidance. They’ll steer you in the right direction.

The Best Of Oklahoma Military Wedding Venues

Many couples choose to wed at the chapel on the base. A lovely symbol of your love and service (serving yourself or as a military spouse), these chapels are stricter than civilian ministries. Some have rules that limit the amount and positioning of flowers, lighting, accents and more. An experienced Wedding Planner/Designer can creatively work within these guidelines to make the Chapel feel like it’s your special celebration.

Although reception venues can be held on the military base, many military couples are choosing a civilian reception venue that holds personal significance. Whether you’re country rustic, modern and sleek or bohemian chic, you can really show off your unique love story with a carefully chosen venue. The Myriad Gardens in downtown Oklahoma City, Woodland Park Vineyards in Stillwater, or The Springs in Norman offer exquisitely beautiful settings for your nuptials. Serve a modern meal with interactive food stations, delicious cuisine, and fresh farm-to-table dishes to bring a unique and modern feel to the day. And don’t forget to seat everyone according to rank out of respect to the men and women of our military.

Show Your Patriotic Love With Military Inspired Decor

If you’ve chosen a reception venue off of the base, you can go wild with stylish and elegant decor. However, if you still want a light military twist, there are beautiful and fun ways to incorporate the service. The cake can be decorated in the classic red, white, and blue, or covered in twinkling stars. Tiny flags can be added to escort cards or centerpieces and invitations can be sent with your own personalized military stamp. And, after cutting the cake with a sword or saber, have your spouse pull off a camouflage garter (complete with service branch affixed right on it).

At weddings By Gail, we offer a massive collection of wedding decor rentals to create the perfect ambiance and mood. Plus, military personnel also receive a special discount on decor rentals for their amazing service on behalf of our country.

Wear A Dress That Makes You Feel Like A Million Bucks

Great news! You have so many choices on what to wear for your special day. You can wear a dazzling white dress or if you’re serving, your dress uniform. You can even wear both if you like. Wear your dress uniform for the chapel ceremony and change into your princess gown for the reception. It’s entirely up to you. Same goes for your soon-to-be spouse. It’s a fantastic way to honor our country yet still express your personal style and character.

Oklahoma military weddings don’t have to be a dime a dozen. With Weddings By Gail, you get your very own Fairy Godmother of Weddings in your corner. You’ll not only have a majestic military event but a flawlessly planned and uniquely designed celebration of love. Schedule your consultation today to bring your dreams to life.

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