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Gail Rocquemore,
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If you’re a fabulous Okie couple, a stunning wedding that’s unique and personal will create the unforgettable memories you'll cherish for the rest of your life.

A celebration dripping in romance that you’ll share with your closest friends and family.

If you want a wedding in Oklahoma that’s memorable, mesmerizing, and authentically you, you need insider secrets from a Sooner wedding professional with over 15 years of experience.

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Set Yourself Apart With An Oklahoma Wedding That’s Perfectly You 
There are so many wedding professionals in Oklahoma telling you that they know how to create pretty weddings. 

Which is great! But a unique wedding that brings your love story to life needs the special touch of an expert. Knowing the in’s and out’s of the wedding industry is the only way to create a truly special celebration filled with meaning and beauty.

It’s why I’m lovingly known as the Fairy Godmother of Weddings-- I’ve helped hundreds of Okie couples create exquisite weddings that are filled with joy and love.

When I work with a couple, I become part of their family. I dig deep to get to know their personalities, passions, and lifestyle. Plus, with my wedding decor rentals, they have tons of chic wedding decor at their fingertips.

Don’t spend another minute trying to find ideas to make your Oklahoma wedding perfect for you.

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