What do you get for the ladies in your wedding party? This can sometimes be quite a conundrum. Trying to find just the right gift to say thank you for being an awesome part of your special day and being there to share all of the great moments. Well maybe this can help. I recently attended the Wedding MBA conference this October in Las Vegas and came across a wonderful little shop that I just had to share with our readers. Take a look at these photos.

These delicious little treats are not tasty treats at all, but instead they are all hand made SOAPS from a little shop call Nectar Bath Treats!!  These handmade confections are bath and body products made by an artisan skin care specialists. Ingredients are natural plant-based items like Parabens, Sulfates, Mineral Oils, Tricolosan, Paraffin and Petrolatum.  You can even create custom items.  I am sure these products would delight anyone you gift them to.  Check out their site at www.nectarusa.com and follow them on Instagram.  The shoppe is so adorable.  It has the look, feel and even smell of a little bakery shoppe.  ENJOY!!

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