The holiday season is the perfect time to enjoy the company of your special other. Many couples feel that it is also a good a time to get engaged. Here are five stories of women who were so head over heels for their special other that they said, “Yes!” when their boyfriends asked them to enter upon a lifetime commitment. These stories show that every couple has their own beautiful story of how they became engaged.

Holly and Luke

Holly met Luke over their mutual interest in rock climbing. Their flirting quickly turned into a genuine interest, and after a few months they finally went out on their first date. When Luke was nearing graduation, Holly realized she was going to be at college longer than she wanted. Her despair changed into distraction when she and Luke went to her family’s home for Thanksgiving. While there, Luke asked her father for Holly’s hand. Finals were coming up at the college after Thanksgiving week, and even with the stress Holly was already under, she continued to stress about where her and Luke’s relationship was going. During this time Luke had been making payments on a ring, and one day after they went out for dinner as she was getting comfy on the sofa he came out, handed her a card, and asked her a question that took her by surprise. She, of course, said, “Yes!”

Jazzlyn and Tyler

Jazzlyn and Tyler met at a restaurant. It was love even if Jazzlyn could barely realize it when he was trying to flirt with her — it was still in a plan that was yet to be revealed. As Jazzlyn and Tyler began to get to know each other, Tyler began to formulate a plan to propose to his girlfriend. He finally decided it should be at the very same place they first met. The Mexican Grill where they met was soon to become their place of engagement, as well. After church one Sunday, Tyler took her out to eat and as they entered the restaurant she saw all her family and friends there, even her pastor. Jazzlyn didn’t think much of it as everyone got along fine. After everyone was seated, Tyler got up to leave the table for minute, a few moments later, Jazzlyn heard her name called and turned in her seat to see her pastor recording her, looking down she saw Tyler on one knee asking her a very important question.She agreed to marry him and she and Tyler will be marrying in just a few days.

Stephanie and Bret

Stephanie and Bret met through a dating app that connects people based on their locations. After months of falling slowly but surely in love, Bret decided it was time to ask Stephanie the question. So when they went to Cozumel, Mexico, for vacation, Bret asked Stephanie’s dad for his daughter’s hand. After getting his blessing and planning all the details, Bret and Stephanie went for a long walk along the beach to a secluded area. That was where Bret knelt down on one knee and asked Stephanie to marry him. The rest is soon to be, as their wedding day is June 17th of next year.

Hannah and Sam

One day as Hannah and her boyfriend Sam were walking through a park, he pointed out a sign under a tree that was supposed to have a label on it. She walked up to the sign to read it and saw, “Will you marry me?” She quickly turned around to tell Sam that they needed to move on as a guy was about to ask his girlfriend to marry him. Then she realized that Sam was on one knee, and when he proposed, she said, “Yes!” to a lifetime with the one she loves.

Winifred and Justin

Winifred and Justin met through a mutual friend, and after months of dating and getting to know each other’s hearts, they realized they were meant for each other. When Justin took Winifred for a walk in a botanical garden that is located in Oklahoma City, he lingered in the orchid section. Winifred grew impatient and tried to walk off to the next section, but Justin asked her to stay and slipped something in her hand. The item said, “Will you marry me?” He soon pulled out the ring, proposed, and immediately she agreed to marry him.

Each engagement story is unique to the couple. We know the Holidays can be an especially stressful time for everyone, including couples, whether they are engaged, married, or simply “just together.” Use every holiday as a time to cherish your family and friends and especially that special someone, and we add our own wishes for, Happy Ever After! Please share your story by emailing us or commenting about any of the ones you have read.