There are many reasons why a couple may not want wedding cake as their dessert. For instance they may want their wedding dessert to be unique, they may not even like cake, or perhaps they met at an ice cream shop and want to incorporate that into their wedding. No matter the reason, there are plenty of unique desserts that can be used at a wedding that can have a special touch and yet still be just as good, if not better, than cake.

  1. Mini Cheesecake-

    One of the many deliciously wonderful things about cheesecake is that a couple can choose to have many different flavors, and therefore it is definitely a crowd-pleaser. Also, being able to decorate the cheesecake along with the richness of the cheesecake make cheesecake an elegant choice.  We love these pictured here from one of our favorite dessert vendors,  Poppin Cheesecakes, LLC in OKC.

  2. A Donut Cake-

    This option is perfect for the couple that wants to have an amazingly delicious confectionary delight on their wedding day, and it still has icing so you two can still smear that on each other as you eat the first pieces.

  3. Cake Balls- Cake balls happen to be a great way to incorporate cake but still retain that unique flair. They can even be packaged as favors to send out with your guests. . You can have different flavors and still brand them with the wrapping.

  4. Chocolate Covered Oreos-

    This is another example of a finger food which can be used as favors

    or a cute dessert for your special day. They can have any number of designs on the top to truly personalize the Oreo, or you can stack them for a grand effect.  “You Need A Cake” in Edmond, Oklahoma, makes some of the best Chocolate Covered Oreos.  We love them!!

  5. Cupcakes – Cupcakes can be a good alternative to cake without taking away the cake aspect completely. You can also choose as many different flavors as you wish. You can also have a small cake for the couple to cut and share, and the guests can choose their flavor of choice. These

    can be slightly easier to distribute after the wedding in case you have any dessert left over.

  6. Root Beer Floats- This is a perfect choice for the couple that desires something sweet but maybe they don’t like cake or pastries. Root beer floats also have a certain vintage aspect if you serve them correctly. This can be perfect for a vintage, classy wedding.

  7. Going mini- A dessert bar is an option that has too many benefits to be ignored. You can, however, have as many different options as you want. Dessert bars are sure crowd-pleasers with a buffet-like set-up and the mini treats designed each with their own icing designs.

  8. Pancake Tower- If it’s a morning wedding or even a lunch wedding, pancakes could be your answer. You can have a bar of toppings and syrups along with forks at the end and let the guests dig in. They can be served in a way that incorporates an elegant design. If you wanted to go really fancy, you could always do crepes.

  9. Wedding Pie- Wedding pies are perfect for those fall or rustic weddings. You could even do mini pies and have one for the couple and a ton of little ones for the guests.  We like this display from

  10. Ice Cream- Ice cream can be a sweet treat for summer weddings. An ice cream bar is also a wonderful way to please the crowd.

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